Certifying Bodies assessing companies to ISO 9001/14001 /AS 4801 and HACCP are now placing much more emphasis on the importance of instrument calibration. The reason is that a number of significant safety and quality incidents have been traced back to inaccuracies in inspection, measuring and test equipment. Some of these instruments had been calibrated but not to the standard required by ISO 9001/14001 /AS 4801 and HACCP. Auditors are therefore now very carefully assessing the quality of external calibrating activities.



Australian and international Quality Standards require that any inspection, measuring and test equipment used in the manufacture of a product or the provision of a service, be calibrated. Whether your Company is Certified or not (ISO 9001/14001 etc), it makes good sense to ensure that all inspection equipment, critical to your business, is reading accurately.

Of course, some measuring equipment may have no direct bearing on quality/environmental or safety performance (eg: equipment used to measure production volumes). Other equipment may be just for indication only (eg: an electrical tester, which simply indicates whether or not current is flowing without measuring its actual value). Equipment in the categories just mentioned do not require calibration. However, do not be too hasty in dismissing the need for calibration. If you need to read the value of a piece of measuring instrument from time to time because it has a bearing on product or service performance - it must be calibrated.

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